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Spatial Microsimulation Application

simSALUD is a free to use Web-application developed within the research project SALUD.

Why simSALUD?
  • Wizard-based application
  • No programming skills needed
  • Server-side processing
  • Choose between different algorithms
  • Many validation methods provided
  • Ad-hoc visualization of your simulated and validated data
  • Usable for lectures

Open to the community: The Web-application is open to the community and feedback is very welcome to improve the application, its future developments and its usability.

Choose Reweighting Method
Select one of the following static deterministic reweighting methods:

Choose Validation Method(s)

Internal Validation Methods

For the internal validation the simulated data for used common variables (constraints) need to be compared with the existing census data, as the census data holds complete information about a person for the simulated area. Several validation methods can be undertaken, the framework simSALUD supports at the moment the Total Absolute Error (TAE), Standardized absolute error (SAE) and the Percentage error (PSAE)

Upload Simulated Data

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